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Trade show display rentals NYC

December 16, 2014

If you need trade show display rentals NYC service at competitive rates, come to Interactive Vision Solutions today! We have a comprehensive list of design options capable of fitting in a convention center, ballroom, exhibits, custom booths or any other typical venue for a trade show! Our trade show display rentals have steel truss support, guaranteeing your stage display will stand strong for the duration of your event. Big or small, we can create the proper trade show display for you!
Our trade show display rentals options are only limited by your imagination. We have provided Fortune 500 corporations like Disney, Godiva and American Eagle with customized event configurations and we can do the same for you. We have been in the event planning industry for over 10 years. We know how to use our resources and network to find the materials needed for your perfect trade show display rentals service.

We can create trade show display rentals of any size, from smaller, desk oriented displays to large, extravagant designs in many different shapes. Our structures are designed with aluminum truss on top of heavy steel bases. Is your trade show or exhibit occurring outdoors, on a windy day? Don’t worry. Our trade show display rentals have withstood the elements on many different occasions.

More than one use for your trade show display rental NYC

Our configurations are primarily used for trade shows, but they can also be used for races at the start or finish. They can be used as entrances into carnivals, or as a banner with an outdoor concert.

Don’t stop there!

Are you only looking for a trade show display? How will you present your product? Do you have any digital monitors, stands, DVD/Blu-Ray players or any other accessories to showcase your product? Do you have chairs for visitors? What about speakers to amplify your presentation? At Interactive Vision Solutions, we have an extensive list of audio/visual solutions at your disposal. From computer rentals to Gobo lights to add a customized flourish, we can construct your trade show display then adorn it with whatever electronics you need. Come to us today for your trade show display rentals NYC and so much more!