Interactive Video Solutions is committed to providing outstanding PA system rental NYC services for the Greater New York metropolitan area. For over ten years we have offered affordable audio and visual equipment rental services to clients such as Disney, Godiva, American Eagle and more. Our dedication to providing personalized service and industry standard technology typifies why we are a staple of the New York event and party planning industry.
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Our PA systems are multifunctional, allowing you to plug devices such as microphones, backline equipment and instruments, recording equipment and CD Players into the mixer and project a clear sound throughout your venue. IVS has experience providing indoor and outdoor sound for smaller parties as well as corporate events, demonstrations, protests, parades, fundraising, reunions, up to 15,000+ people. We have a bevy of arrays for small, medium and large venues.


We also provide complete delivery, setup, and breakdown of all equipment, like audio, video, party equipment and stage lighting, as well. And, if you require on-site professional audio video technicians for your event, we can provide them for onsite maintenance and tech support. All of our equipment is suitable for a number of events like concerts, festivals, parades, school security, road construction, retail events, and sporting events.
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Everything you need for great sound — anywhere! The Fender Passport P-250 Portable PA Sound System comes in a sleek, protective housing that transforms into a complete sound system. Included are a 4-channel, 8-input, self-powered stereo mixer; 2 full-range cabs loaded with 4 full-range, 6-1/2″ transducers each; 1 microphone and all the cables you’ll need to get up and running. Also features 250W of stereo power, built-in digital reverb, tape-out jacks for recording, aux send/return, and built-in connector for Passport Wireless. Ideal for working musicians, small clubs, and performers requiring a high-quality, portable, complete PA package. Includes speaker cables and 2 P-51 mics with cables and stand clips. 33″W x 12″H x 24″D. 53 lbs.


The DJ-Tech iCube 90 Powered PA Speaker features an iPod dock and 8″ powered speaker for amplifying an iPod for background music, presentations, events and more. The iCube 90 features an internal rechargeable battery that provides up to 12 hours of power on a single charge. There are inputs for a microphone and line devices, with individual level control for each channel. The iCube 90 features a retractable handle and casters for easy transport.

300W PA System Rental NYC

The Expedition XP308i from Samson is a compact and portable PA system that includes two 2-way speakers and an 8-channel mixer. Designed with mobility in mind, all of the system components connect together into a single case for terrific portability.
Each of the speakers features an 8″ woofer and a 1″ titanium tweeter, housed inside a durable vented enclosure. The removable 8-channel mixer features a powerful and efficient 300W Class-D amplifier for powerful sound reproduction. It offers 4 mic/line inputs capable of delivering phantom power, as well as 2 stereo inputs. An integrated iPod dock lets you easily drop in an iPod for playing back pre-recorded material. Dual 3.5mm outputs provide convenient monitoring via headphones or additional speakers. RCA outputs let you connect additional speakers or a recorder.
Other useful features of the XP308i include separate bass and treble controls for each input, a music/speech switch for setting system EQ, and an internal effects processor, which can add digital reverb to any mic channel. A 6-segment LED meter with a limit indicator makes it easy to monitor levels at a glance.


Interactive Video Solutions has outdoors sound solutions as well. When your venue is lacking power outlets, IVS can guarantee your sound still projects. Not only do we have portable speakers and microphones for rent, we have generators that are capable of powering your entire event.
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We provide onsite assembly and maintenance, and can deliver your speakers and accessories (cables, guitars, bass guitar, mixer of all brands, party instruments, microphones, professional subwoofer, pa systems, pro amps, wireless music system and sound effects stands) to you or arrange for you to pick them up from our Manhattan offices.


Our dedicated technicians will come to your venue and provide not only audio rentals service but full assembly, setup and disassembly of your PA system. We provide frequent diagnostics of our PA systems in our Manhattan offices. Along with full installation, we offer onsite maintenance to ensure a seamless experience for your event or party.


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Remember a sound system rental with audible sound makes an event. Let us be your sound system rental service of choice in NYC. Simply fill out the form with event details and we will respond quickly with information on providing audio equipment, AV engineers and technicians, and professional DJs for your next event.
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