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Lavalier Microphone Rental NYC

May 29, 2014


Shure Microphone for rent

Shure PGX Series Wireless Handheld Microphone Rental

This Shure PGX Basic Wireless Kit is available for rent in NYC.

This intuitive wireless microphone rental NYC package includes everything needed to achieve excellent results. The kit includes a complete wireless handheld system, battery charger, carrying case and accessories.A rugged, field-worthy carrying rack-case provides adequate storage of the system's components and accessories, while protecting against the rigors of travel. The kit includes a battery charger and four AA rechargeable batteries. Also included is an XLR cable for connecting the receiver to the audio system.

This system is a complete solution for anyone in need of a quality, yet cost effective microphone rental NYC system for schools, presentations, house-of-worship applications, etc. in Manhattan NYC.

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