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Video camera rentals


Interactive Vision Solutions has competitive rates for the person or corporation that wants film equipment rental NYC service. We have a fleet of dynamic, crystal clear broadcast cameras for rental. From industry leading brands such as Panasonic, our film equipment rental NYC service will help you chronicle your event and make it a lasting memory.
Our experienced engineers are immediately available to deliver your film camera rentals to you, or you can come to our offices and retrieve them. If we bring them to you, we provide full assembly and onsite technical assistance. Our personalized service is what has made us one of the best audio/visual rentals services in the entire Greater New York area.
From HD to standard options, our high-resolution cameras will provide a sparkling perspective of your event. We have film rental equipment for events of all sizes. From smaller, personal occasions to corporate events for American Eagle and Godiva, we have a versatile array of video cameras available. We have standard HD options as well as 86x field lenses for outdoor events.


Our Black Magic camera rental NYC service gives you the ability to capture the memorable moments of your events in full color or in black and white. You can easily set up Black Magic camera rental in NYC through Interactive Vision Solutions. From cameras to sound systems and more, you can cover all of the bases for equipment rental through IVS. For more than a decade, we have been focused on assisting corporate clients and individuals with their indoor and outdoor events, and we are known for the value we bring to equipment rentals. Some of our previous corporate clients have included the New York Giants, GameStop and more.
A Black Magic camera rental NYC service gives you a convenient way to capture moments for your special events on film. These are pictures that you can use for marketing, public relations, website publication and more. IVS strives to offer affordable rates for your camera rental needs, and this makes it easy and affordable for you to preserve the moments that are most important to you from your special events. We also have audio accessories, lenses, extra blackmagic batteries, SSD, telephoto gear, extra pro monitor, adapter and lighting.
Video camera rentals
Video camera rentals


When you’re on the hunt for Go Pro Camera rental NYC, turn to Interactive Video Solutions. We have offered the New York City area high quality equipment rentals for well over 10 years. From indoor to outdoor events, we have filled venues of all sizes with optimal A/V solutions. We’ve provided services for Disney, Godiva and American Eagle, let us provide for you.
Numerous agencies offer event equipment, but very few services are as dedicated to client satisfaction as IVS. We provide industry standard equipment to all of our clients at affordable costs.
Our Go Pro camera rental NYC service offer an opportunity to chronicle your event in high definition. GoPro cameras offer video recording at a 1080p120 frame rate, with up to 4K30 resolution. The cameras are multifunctional, available for mounting or manual operation. Newer models offer syncing options with phone applications, allowing you to send your picture and video straight to other phones and circulate it throughout your event.


If you’re interested in finding the best camcorder rental in NYC, look no further than Interactive Video Solutions. Serving New York and the greater area for over a decade, we have built a reputation for high quality audio/video solutions, typified by our camcorder selection. We have a bevy of high end Panasonic camcorders available.
Our camcorders are all industry leading technology, offering a crisp, HD image in compact models. Our camcorders are expertly crafted by the best brands in the business. Our phantom powered cameras provide high-resolution quality, ensuring you will be able to record a strong image indoors or outdoors. We have a lot of camcorder rental options for any budget. We also have professional digital cinema and photography cameras (Nikon, Canon, Leica, Sony, Panasonic). Accessories as well as audio gear, lighting, micro recorders, batteries, tripods, memory cards and camera lenses are available for rent!
Video camera rentals
Video camera rentals


Regardless of any details surrounding your special event, we can provide you with the top of the line video accessories rental that you crave. Do you want a staging box that will function as a projector and let you create a custom background for photographs? Do you need an adapter that will let you show a series of pictures and play music at the same time? You may not even know the name of the equipment that you need, but we can help you understand what you want and how much it will cost to put everything together.
Blu-Ray/DVD rentals
Our Blu-Ray/DVD rentals allow you to play that seminar speech, presentation or simple family photo array in high definition. Expertly manufactured by leading brands such as Samsung and Panasonic, our Blu ray players are sure to play what you need for the duration of your event.
Tripods rental
We have numerous tripods available, from traditional models, to DJ crank stands and followspot tripods. Multi-functional and six footed for variance, our tripods will provide a sturdy base for your pictures or filming. We have industrial, commercial models for corporate galas suich as our Disney events, as well as light weight options for intimate personal occasions.
Video Switchers
Get switchers, video cameras and other accessories from us for your next big event. We give you the best products at the best prices. When you book a venue in advance for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or another celebration, you might not know what that venue offers in terms of technology and video equipment. You might discover that it has a television or a projection screen but that you are responsible for hooking those items up to other types of equipment. Let us get our hands on those supplies and figure out what you need before you arrive at the venue unprepared.

Professional Video Camera Rental NYC Service

For those times your business is throwing an event and you want to record what happens, there is no other company to turn to than us. We have what it takes to deliver you the camera rental NYC service you deserve. We have Panasonic, Red Scarlet, Canon, Nikon and many other digital cameras for rent in our New York city office. After all, we have been in this business for well over 10 years. That means throughout those years we have learned exactly what it takes to keep customers satisfied. We truly have seen and dealt with it all. It’s no wonder we are considered the best video equipment rental service for each and every type of event.
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We are your event technology partner. Any company can rent you equipment. It’s our mission to be your full-service event production solution. From equipment rentals to complete event services including delivery, set-up, and system operations, IVS is New York’s audio visual equipment rental choice for meetings, presentations, conferences, board meetings, activations, and special events.


We provide comprehensive, affordable equipment rental in the New York City area. All of our AV equipment comes with delivery and full-setup or convenient pickup from our Midtown Manhattan location.
From dynamic speakers to crystal clear projectors, we provide a full range of industry leading AV rentals NYC. Our experienced, industry connected service offers the finest event planning and event decor in NYC.


Not only do we provide excellent AV rentals in NYC, our masterful engineers provide onsite maintenance and technical support. We offer competitive rates and unmatched expertise throughout the greater New York metropolitan area, including New Jersey and Connecticut.


Our clients have a variety of needs, and we have an established and solid track record in the industry. We strive to exceed expectations regardless of the size of your event. Clients with a small group of 50-100 people for a birthday party often have different needs than a large public reception, for example. Our company can accommodate all sizes and styles of event production.


Our AV rentals are packaged to maximize the value for our clients. We can accommodate clients who desire specific themes for their production, and our services can be deployed on-site for convenience. We can accommodate large hotel ballrooms, office spaces, meeting rooms and even home-based events in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


Our services include a variety of atmospheric elements, which add immense value to any event. For complete ambiance, we install sophisticated lighting and sound systems, and we offer complete technical support for every event. We have audio visual equipment available for venues of all sizes, as well as engineers ready for assembly disassembly and onsite technical assistance.