Come to Interactive Video Solutions for a high-class stage lighting rental. Along with providing a versatile selection of stages and other event equipment, IVS carries an array of dynamic stage lighting solutions sure to brighten your event. We have the lights for any sized venue, from small, medium or large sized events. For over ten years we have served indoor and outdoor events for companies such as Disney, American Eagle, and Godiva.
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We provide the greater New York City area with comprehensive stage lighting options. From high quality conventional lighting for corporate events to fog and haze machines that add an adventurous flair, our Manhattan offices are stocked with revolutionary lighting solutions. Our interactive follow spot technology can follow any subject across the stage, ensuring all eyes remain on them.


Our wide variety of stage lighting equipment in NYC will fit into your imagination, and our audio visual equipment rental company in New York City will be able to provide you with stage lighting rental services in New York to meet your event needs.
All of our lights are industry standard brands with a track record of providing brilliant light in all conditions, in any sized event.
Our approach to personalized customer service is typified by our dedicated onsite maintenance. Along with full assembly and disassembly, our trained engineers oversee your entire event, ensuring our lighting systems maintain optimal quality.


IVS further differs from the competition with our technological independence. Whereas other agencies subrent their equipment, our Manhattan offices are stocked with a bevy of audio/visual solutions. The benefits of such an approach are two-fold for our clients. We perform consistent diagnostics on our material to ensure quality, and can offer more affordable rates than the competition because of this.
Come visit IVS today for a free consultation on which stage lighting rental is best for you. After we decide the appropriate lighting for your event stage, we will consider the size of the venue, and whether your event is inside or outside.
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Not only do we provide excellent AV rentals in NYC, our masterful engineers provide onsite maintenance and technical support. We offer competitive rates and unmatched expertise throughout the greater New York metropolitan area, including New Jersey and Connecticut.


Our clients have a variety of needs, and we have an established and solid track record in the industry. We strive to exceed expectations regardless of the size of your event. Clients with a small group of 50-100 people for a birthday party often have different needs than a large public reception, for example. Our company can accommodate all sizes and styles of event production.


Our AV rentals are packaged to maximize the value for our clients. We can accommodate clients who desire specific themes for their production, and our services can be deployed on-site for convenience. We can accommodate large hotel ballrooms, office spaces, meeting rooms and even home-based events in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.


Our services include a variety of atmospheric elements, which add immense value to any event. For complete ambiance, we install sophisticated lighting and sound systems, and we offer complete technical support for every event. We have audio visual equipment available for venues of all sizes, as well as engineers ready for assembly disassembly and onsite technical assistance.


We are your event technology partner. Any company can rent you equipment. It’s our mission to be your full-service event production solution. From equipment rentals to complete event services including delivery, set-up, and system operations, IVS is New York’s audio visual equipment rental choice for meetings, presentations, conferences, board meetings, activations, and special events.
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Remember a sound system rental with audible sound makes an event. Let us be your sound system rental service of choice in NYC. Simply fill out the form with event details and we will respond quickly with information on providing audio equipment, AV engineers and technicians, and professional DJs for your next event.
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