Interactive Vision Solutions

GoPro Rental NYC

November 25, 2014

When you're on the hunt for Go Pro Camera rental NYC, turn to Interactive Video Solutions. We have offered the New York City area high quality equipment rentals for well over 10 years. From indoor to outdoor events, we have filled venues of all sizes with optimal A/V solutions. We’ve provided services for Disney, Godiva and American Eagle, let us provide for you.

Why Come to Us For Your Go Pro Rental?

Numerous agencies offer event equipment, but very few services are as dedicated to client satisfaction as IVS. We provide industry standard equipment to all of our clients at affordable costs.

Our Go Pro camera rental NYC service offer an opportunity to chronicle your event in high definition. GoPro cameras offer video recording at a 1080p120 frame rate, with up to 4K30 resolution. The cameras are multifunctional, available for mounting or manual operation. Newer models offer syncing options with phone applications, allowing you to send your picture and video straight to other phones and circulate it throughout your event.

What Sets Our Company Apart From the Rest?

IVS differs from the competition because we believe in personalized service. Because we do not subrent like other agencies, we can promise a product sure to operate correctly. Our trained technicians perform frequent diagnostics on all of our equipment, including our cameras. We’re also available for onsite maintenance for the entirety of your event. If you choose to mount your camera, we’re available for assembly/disassembly.

Contact Us for your GoPro Camera rental NYC

When you need a GoPro camera rental NYC, contact Interactive Video Solutions. We provide interactive, high quality video solutions to all of our clients. Call us today for a free consultation. We provide other accessories as well.