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Follow-spot rental

December 9, 2014

Come to Interactive Video Solutions for a follow-spot rental today! We have been providing the greater New York City metropolitan area with high quality lighting solutions for over ten years. We have a versatile collection of high quality spotlights to illuminate events. No matter the size, we have the technology that will project throughout your venue and provide a brilliant event. Our engineers are available to provide assembly and oversee your event. Experience the same expertise that’s served Disney, Godiva, and American Eagle events today!

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We have numerous traditional spotlights available to service your event. Whether you need a spotlight for an intimate, smaller event, or are looking to present for a gala with thousands of people, IVS has you covered.

Our spotlights

Our spotlights provide soft, high intensity beams of light throughout your venue. Optimized for theaters and auditoriums, our spotlights are precision crafted, with a projection distance of up to 50 feet. Light weight and equipped with safety cables, they are an ideal option for any event.

Our followspots come with similar technical specifications, but provide a mechanical makeup that allows for manual direction control of the light beams. Projecting up to 125 feet, the biggest of our followspots can be placed off in the distance and still maintain the brightness necessary to make any subject the center of attention.
Our spotlights are maximized for large events, but we also have options for a smaller followspot rental. Diagnostics are consistently run to make sure they receive the optimal operation every time they’re used.

Onsite technical assistance

Our experienced engineers are available for full assembly/disassembly of your spotlights and consistent onsite maintenance throughout your event. We believe in personalized assistance, and that dedication goes beyond the followspot rental. Visit our Manhattan offices today for a free consultation.

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Our commitment to client satisfaction informs all of the work we do. We focus on providing our clients with premium audio and video services in NYC. Regardless of your specific event, you can be sure to get the most value with our comprehensive package of services.
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