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DVD Player Rental

November 25, 2014
Interactive Video Solutions’ Blu-Ray/ DVD player rental NYC allow you to playback whatever video you need at your event. We have served the likes of the New York Giants, Disney and many more with our excellent, comprehensive audio/visual solutions. Let us serve you today!

We have a fleet of industry leading Blu-Ray playback options for your corporate event or intimate occasion. Our multi-functional Pioneer, Panasonic and Samsung devices will play your video in highly responsive HD form. Whether it’s to present a presentation or proposal at a corporate meeting or as visual décor at a gala, the addition of Blu-Ray/DVD players at your event can be an impressive flourish.

Our experienced engineers will inform you of the myriad of functions on your DVD / Blu-Ray player, and even provide assembly and disassembly. We even provide onsite technical maintenance for your Blu-Ray player rental and whatever other technology you have rented from us. Our dedication to versatility is unparalleled. No matter the size of the event, we not only have the technology that fits your venue, we have technicians willing to invest the same level of assistance for you.

Blu-Ray and DVD Player Rental NYC

DVD technology has been an industry standard for years, but Blu-Ray technology is still a somewhat burgeoning technology. Interactive Video Solutions has a fleet of Blu-Ray / DVD players for rental. The difference between Blu-Ray players and the standard DVD lies in the image quality. Both perform the basic function of video playback, but Blu-Ray discs display a significantly more brilliant image.

Not just a DVD player rentals

We provide high quality peripheries, but we also offer state of the art television monitors. From wall mounts, to trade show displays, to plasma monitors, our video options all are sure to provide excellent, high definition.

We can assure we offer the best technology because unlike other services, we own most of our material. Companies that subrent don’t offer competitive rates like us, and they can’t verify their service. We perform consistent diagnostics on all of our technology, to ensure quality. For this and many other reasons we’ve become a staple of the New York event planning industry. Come for a free consultation and Blu-Ray / DVD player rental seven days a week!

Blu-Ray and DVD Player Rental from Interactive Video Solutions will provide a dynamic element to your event’s proceedings. Consult with us today for an affordable rental!