Yanos Private Party
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Yanos Private Party

Interactive Video Solutions collaborated with up and coming New York rapper Yonas to make one lucky man’s birthday a smash hit!

The “Fall Back” MC performed at a private event in Long Island on October 18th, and IVS was there to provide the AV backup!

The crowd was electrified and hung onto Yonas’ every word as the quick-tongued lyricist darted through songs from his “The Resistance” album. Yonas rocked the stage for hours without a hitch thanks to the efforts of IVS engineers, who built the stage and assembled the audio and lighting.

YANOS private party

As part of IVS’ pledge to provide industry leading event services, we don’t just rent out AV equipment; we test it beforehand and make sure we go onsite to provide assistance. We dedicate ourselves to making sure our expertise is available every step of the way. Our equipment is durable and top of the line, but in the event of a potential snag, we’re present to keep the show going.

About IVS

For over 10 years, we’ve offered high quality event planning for the entire New York area. With a comprehensive service that covers literally everything from lighting to the security, IVS event planning is the best choice in New York. We’ve served clients such as ABC, Disney, and the New York Giants with high quality expertise and top flight audio visual equipment. Not only is our service all encompassing, we pride ourselves on competitive pricing in the bustling New York market.

About Yonas

Yonas (acronym: youth obviously needs a savior) Mellesse is a New York born MC who aims to “bring content back to popular music”. The independent artist won a billboard songwriting award in 2011 for his song “Banga”. He released his latest project, the Transition Deluxe, in November 2013. He’s currently touring the country.