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Wedding decorations

December 8, 2015

Making your wedding unforgettable IVS proposes any types of wedding decorations. It can be wedding altars in all shapes and sizes or just fine draperies which can be used as a backdrop for the ceremony or to lend atmosphere to any reception hall.

Wedding decorations rental NYC

Brides, grooms and wedding planners in the New York metropolitan area can rent a myriad of imaginative wedding decorations including theatrical lighting, furnishings and top of the line audio-visual systems from IVS. Events become memorable with wedding decorations that change both indoor and outdoor environments into romantic landscapes.

A decorative drape may be used to partition one area of a room solely for the ceremony, while reserving the rest of the area for the reception to follow. Draperies are also used to conceal areas of a room from party guests or the general public. When working with your IVS adviser, wedding planners will be asked to consider certain factors before placing their order.

What you need to know before ordering your wedding drapery.

  • The height.

The first measurement is how high the ceilings are at that place where you are going to have a wedding ceremony. You can do these measurements by yourself or just simple call us and we will do it for you. This information is necessary for diving you a quote.

  • The linear width.

The second - we need to know the linear width of the drape. The linear width is always differ and it depends on what would you like to create in the room or hall. For instance, if a wall is 100 feet long and you want to drape only half of it, you will need at least 50 feet of drape. Add in 100% Fullness and you’re looking at 100 feet of drape. IVS consultant will explain all the details which you need to know and choose for you the best option.

  • Colors of wedding drapery

We have various of colors. The all colors you can find here

  • Delivery and setup

IVS proposes you pipe and drape for rent with lots of available options for your wedding. If you’re on a budget, no problem, you can pick up your pipe and drape from our showroom which locates in the heart of Manhattan. Also we can deliver and pick-up the hardware and drape. Our experience staff provides set-up and strike before and after your wedding.

Suitable for all events

I.V.S. advisers will discuss not only your wedding decorations rental. We are also able to provide much more to ensure you are ready for any type of event. When you’re ready to host your next event, come to us for stages, sound to set the right atmosphere, and anything else you might need to ensure that your event is a success. We are also pleased to provide a variety of audio and video equipment to complete your event.

Who We Are

For over a decade, Interactive Visual Solutions has been the premiere AV rentals company in the NYC area. We provide all audio and video equipment rentals including speakers, DJ equipment, microphones, projectors, TV systems and more.

Other items of interest

  • Furniture
  • Sound
  • Light

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It's easy to work with Interactive Vision Solutions, either by walking into their NYC showroom or simply fill out the form on the website below. Also you can chat directly with one of our experienced advisers online. We can suggest classic, new and original wedding decoration. We can make your wedding adorable!