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Video switcher rentals

December 16, 2014

Planning to record an awards banquet or another event with multiple video outputs? Do you have cameras recording in different formats? Come to Interactive Video Solutions today for a video convertor rental! Control multiple video sources with any one of our dynamic, multi-functional video switchers and converters for rent.

We have video switchers for configurations of all sizes. Whether you have a television broadcast in a large hall, a school sporting event or any other occasion, our video boards will allow you to seamlessly command the different video feeds. We have provided rentals throughout the NYC area, including New Jersey and Connecticut.

Our video switcher rentals allow you to navigate between your video sources or combine them to create special effects. They have 12 bit processors, allowing you to control multiple video sources without any lag.
Do you want to rent a convertor to project a hi-def, 1080p video from any format? We have those in supply as well. Our dedication to providing high quality rentals ensures a high-powered, efficient backline and postproduction experience for your occasion. Here are just some of the switches and convertors we offer:

  • — Sony DSC-1024HD Scan Converter
  • — Panasonic AV-HS450N 16+ Input HD/SD Switcher w/ Dual-Screen Multiviewer Display
  • — Barco FSN Series Production Switcher
  • — Analog Way Pulse PLS300 Dual-Scaler Hi-Resolution Mixer Seamless Switcher
  • — Barco DCS-100 Dual-Channel True Seamless Switcher
  • — Extron 6x1 RGBHV Switcher

Along with standalone converters and switches, we have all-in-one converter/switches, which are a cost efficient option for events that need both. We understand value and quality. Unlike other equipment rental services, we don’t rely on subrenting for all of our supplies. This allows us to ensure a fair rate, and make sure your video converters and switches have optimum functionality.

Do you need more than a video converter/switcher rental?

When you’re planning a live event, don’t just stop at video converters and switchers. We have a wide array of audio/video options for your event. Whether you want intelligent headlights, a theatre backdrop, or a high quality HD camera, we’re a one stop shop for video equipment. We have microphones, headsets, and sound systems for all venues. Along with equipment we have staging options such as mobile stages, box and truss rentals. We have been a trusted industry source for a decade because we have equipment for all sizes, for indoor or outdoor events.

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