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Moving headlights rentals NYC

December 19, 2014

Come to Interactive Video Solutions today for our moving headlights rentals NYC. Amaze your guests with a light show in the midst of your event! We have provided industry leading lighting solutions to companies like Disney, Godiva and American Eagle for over 10 years. We perform frequent diagnostics on all of our lights to make sure they operate at an optimal level.
Our wide collection of LED moving head lights and Gobo projectors allow you to program a pattern which:

  • — Changes the color of the light;
  • — Changes the pattern of the light;
  • — Makes the lights move in a pattern you determine.

When we say intelligent lighting, we guarantee they will stay that way! We will deliver your intelligent lighting rental NYC to your venue, or you can come retrieve them from our Manhattan offices. We provide full assembly/disassembly, and full onsite maintenance throughout your even.

The effect of Moving headlight rentals NYC

Our moving headlights rentals NYC emit at brilliant, rich rates. They are customizable, which allows you to set a specific rotation/pattern of lighting effects. If you want your moving headlights to follow the keynote speaker of an event, they can do that. If you’re holding a concert and want them to change during every song, they can be configured to do that.

They are multifunctional LED lights. You can change the color and shape of the beam into any customizable projection you desire. They have internal systems that allow them to adapt to the environment, and still maintain optimum function. Most of our moving headlights rentals don’t even need to be taken down in the rain, ensuring you can wait until the rain stops to disassemble.

DMX Controller

Intelligent lighting rentals NYC allow you to have cutting edge technology. Some of our LED moving lights comes with DMX controllers however, which add even more functionality. These DMX controllers have 10 added shows on them, with a 4-digit LCD display that allows you even more customization. Come to Interactive Video Solutions today for a moving headlights rental that will give your party, event or concert a dynamic display!

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