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Monitor display rentals NYC

December 16, 2014

Interactive Video Solutions is your source for rent monitor, display and other video equipment. We have provided services to events for over 10 years. From indoor/outdoor events of all sizes we have the video solutions you need, at an affordable rate. We are stocked with high quality, brilliant monitor rentals from services such as Sony, Samsung, Lenovo and more.

We have LCD, LED, 3D LED, Smart TVs and Plasma displays, as well as revolutionary touch screen monitors and whiteboard rentals. From 24” options for smaller, intimate gatherings to 90” smart TVs for large events and conferences, we have a wide range of sizes. We have even provided huge, 20-foot monitors for large outdoor events. Our experienced engineers can deliver the video monitors to your venue, or you can come retrieve them from our Manhattan offices.

LCD Displays Rental NYC

Screen Sizes: 17" - 27", 30"- 40",46" -65

LED Display Rental NYC

Screen Sizes: 24"-46", 55" -98", 3D  

3D LED Display Rental NYC

Plasma Display Rental NYC

Screen Sizes: 42" - 50", 60" - 65"

Touch Screen Displays Rental NYC

Screen Sizes: 19" - 24", 32" - 80"

Video Wall Rental NYC

Screen Sizes: 40" - 55"

All of our video monitors for rent maintain a pristine image, with at least 1080p resolution. Unlike other companies that subrent, we keep most of our devices in our Manhattan offices. This approach allows us to ensure quality as well as offer our video solutions at an affordable rate. We frequently run diagnostics on our equipment to make sure it runs in optimal condition. Our monitors maintain the same brilliant factory quality.

LCD display rentals (17’-65’):
We have screen displays between 17 inches up to 65 inches. Our LCD display rentals are multifunctional and brilliant with 1080p resolution. The multi-inputs allow the monitors to act as televisions as well as computer monitors.

LED display rentals (24’-90’)
Our fleet of LED displays for rent is led by our Sharp 90’ Aquos smart machine. This television has built-in Wi-Fi and web browser.

3D LED Display rentals (32’-65’)
Our 3D capable LED display rentals maintain an industry leading 8,000,000;1 Contract ratio, which will surely make the guests of your event feel like they are at whatever event is on the screen. The 3D capability allows an immersive experience, as if the images are coming out you!

Plasma Display rentals (42’-65’)
Our Plasma displays maintain a 3000:1 contrast, and a brilliant, dynamic image.

Touch Screen Displays (19’-80’)
Perfect for business presentations, our touchscreen LED/LCD display rentals allow for an interactive experience. They are windows compatible, and the whiteboard functionality allows you to touch and draw with a pen or your finger.

Once again, our engineers will provide onsite assembly and maintenance of these machines, as well as delivering them to you. Come to Interactive Video Solutions today for your video display rental needs!

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