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Light tower rentals

December 9, 2014

Hosting a special event and looking for light tower rentals NYC services? We know you want to work with an equipment rental service that is known for dependability, and value. Interactive Vision Solutions has been working hard to maintain that reputation for more than a decade. We have successfully helped clients like Disney, Godiva and others host spectacular events. Whether your upcoming event is large or small in size, indoor or outdoors, we have the light equipment and skilled technician you need.

Using Light Tower rentals NYC in Special Events

Through IVS, you can easily shine a spotlight on focal areas at your event. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions for all needs. You may just need to rent a single spotlight or lighting trusses, we have all kinds of light equipment for rent. We also have light tower rentals NYC options that can be placed to the side of key areas. These towers stand several feet tall or higher, depending on the model that you select. The lights are placed in horizontal fashion on the tower, and they can be used in a space-saving manner to create illumination for dramatic effect, to garner attention and more. You can use light towers separately, or you can combine them with other lighting solutions for added emphasis to special field that need attention.

The Perfect Range of Equipment Rentals and Services

IVS understands what it take to help you create the perfect experience for all types of events, and we offer all of the equipment rental solutions you need. From LED-light dance floors and PA systems to runway style stages, video recording equipment and more, you can easily reserve all of the special event equipment you need by contacting IVS New York City today. From event design services to assembly/disassembly of the equipment, you can rest assured that you will have the support you need.

Whether your event is days away or booked several months in the future, now is the ideal time to contact IVS for assistance. We want to help you create the perfect venue for your event, so contact IVS to learn more about our affordable rates and quality light tower rentals NYC services that can be used for your special event.


Our commitment to client satisfaction informs all of the work we do. We focus on providing our clients with premium audio and video services in NYC. Regardless of your specific event, you can be sure to get the most value with our comprehensive package of services.
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