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Video Accessories Rental

November 25, 2014

Regardless of any details surrounding your special event, we can provide you with the top of the line video accessories rental that you crave. Do you want a staging box that will function as a projector and let you create a custom background for photographs? Do you need an adapter that will let you show a series of pictures and play music at the same time? You may not even know the name of the equipment that you need, but we can help you understand what you want and how much it will cost to put everything together.

DVD Player Rental

Convertor and Switches

Trpod Rentals

Blu-Ray/DVD rentals

Our Blu-Ray/DVD rentals allow you to play that seminar speech, presentation or simple family photo array in high definition. Expertly manufactured by leading brands such as Samsung and Panasonic, our Blu ray players are sure to play what you need for the duration of your event.

Tripods rental

We have numerous tripods available, from traditional models, to DJ crank stands and followspot tripods. Multi-functional and six footed for variance, our tripods will provide a sturdy base for your pictures or filming. We have industrial, commercial models for corporate galas suich as our Disney events, as well as light weight options for intimate personal occasions.

Video Switchers

Get switchers, video cameras and other accessories from us for your next big event. We give you the best products at the best prices. When you book a venue in advance for a wedding, birthday party, corporate event or another celebration, you might not know what that venue offers in terms of technology and video equipment. You might discover that it has a television or a projection screen but that you are responsible for hooking those items up to other types of equipment. Let us get our hands on those supplies and figure out what you need before you arrive at the venue unprepared.

All kinds of Video Accessories Rental Services

Get your party started off on the right foot with a video accessories rental from our company. When we say that we put your needs first, we really mean it. Though we have our headquarters in NYC, we can also arrange for technicians to travel as far away as Upstate New York, New Jersey or even Connecticut. This ensures that you are ready and prepared for anything you need. Our technicians can even connect the adapters and other equipment to the items provided by the venue and give you a short lesson on how to use each piece. From weddings to corporate events, we can provide you with the video equipment that you need to capture and share important moments with all of your guests.

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    Fill out the form with event details and we'll contact you with the best offer!

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