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Uplighting rentals NYC

December 16, 2014

Do you need affordable uplighting rentals NYC service? Come to Interactive Vision Solutions today for brilliant, colorful LED uplights! We have been in business for over 10 years, providing industry standard audio/visual solutions for Fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Godiva, and American Eagle. We have a wide range of uplighting rental options, for venues of all sizes. Let us provide the flourish to your banquet hall, exhibit, or party today! Not only do we have a versatile array of sizes, our battery-powered uplights provide the perfect option for outdoor event lighting! Let us bring them to you, and provide full assembly/disassembly and onsite maintenance!

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Our uplights are high quality, industry standard machines. We have smaller uplighting rentals NYC options for smaller, intimate events. These devices provide one color at a time, with different attachable color filters. This versatility allows you to change the accenting of your event throughout the night and keep your guests in suspense.

Our LED uplight rentals provide a pure, multi-color option. Though these uplights contain more than one color, there is no mixing, which allows one fixture to become a rich rainbow of light. From 10mm color lights to DMX Quad Color LED fixtures, we have different levels of vibrancy depending on your event’s conditions.

Battery Powered uplighting rentals NYC

Our battery-powered options can be used to brighten up any event where there are no power outlets available. These efficient lights emit with low power consumption, which means there will be no variance in brightness for your event. These battery-powered uplighting rentals NYC keep a charge for approximately six hours. We also provide other AV equipment such as DJ gear, gobo lights, fog machines, cables and supplies.

The WiFly receiver

Our LED uplight rentals come with a transceiver that lets you further customize how you want your LED lights to emit! You can manipulate the 5-watt RGBA Quad LEDs to display whatever mix of color you desire at your event. The tranreciever will communicate with the lighting fixture from up to 400 feet away, assuring you can control your medium to large size event in confidence. If you don’t wish to be bothered with technical aspects at your event, our engineers will handle this as part of our onsite maintenance!

Our uplights are lightweight and come on an adjustable stand, which allows you to ensure you have the right amount of light flowing through your event. Come to IVS today to get versatile, energy efficient uplighting rentals NYC!

Fill out the form with event details and we'll contact you with the best offer!

    Fill out the form with event details and we'll contact you with the best offer!

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