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Step and Repeat Banner Rental NYC

December 21, 2015

Planning to host a big shindig? A Step and Repeat Banner can make the party happen. A Step and Repeat Banner and carpet arrangement is guaranteed to make your special guest feel they really matter. This is true for the bride, the MC and the celebrity.

Step and Repeat Banner Rental NYC

A Step and Repeat Banner distinguishes the space your honorees walk through with a back drape and a red carpet. By having a wall of material behind them and an appropriate carpet below, they parade in front of the crowd with grandeur. Installation and removal are simple with tubular construction, and the drape can be embossed with logos or decoration.

The most common sizes Step and Repeat Banner.

Custom sizes are available.

10x10 10x20 10x30

Step and Repeat Banner: materials.

  • Silicone Edged Graphics (SEG);
  • Velcro Edged Graphics;
  • Vinyl Printed Graphics.

Suitable for all events!

Step and Repeat Banner rental is not only one service which  we provide to our valued clients. We also offer a wide range of stages, LED-lit dance floors, sound systems, PA systems, microphones and more. You may want to dress up a large venue for a CEO presentation, or add lighting to the stage for a keynote speaker. The equipment rentals from IVS can be used for smaller gatherings with only a few hundred people, but they also can be used to successfully enhance the stage for your larger event with hundreds or even thousands of people.

Who We Are

Interactive Vision Solutions is the industry leader for all of the presentation needed to host a stellar event. From lighting to audio, drapes, carpet and more we fulfill expectations and makes dreams into realities. With over ten years of experience serving the needs of events as large as those of Fortune 500 companies. Our cadre of skilled engineers and technicians take care of setting up and tearing down equipment, and are available on site to make sure things go smoothly.

Other Items of Interest

  • Red carpet
  • Velvet Rope and Stanchions
  • Sound

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