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Stage Rental NYC - Rent Risers in New York

May 29, 2014

Interactive Vision Solutions specializes in stage rental NYC service and provides stage lighting, sound, backdrop, dressing rooms, crowd control and visual equipment rentals for events both large and small in New York City. We have over 10 years of experience serving our dedicated customers with staging, runways and catwalks in the greater New York City metropolitan area. Our superior service will provide you the most affordable NYC stage rental options regardless of the event details!

Portable Stage Rental

Runway Stage Rental and Fashion Show

Stage Lighting

We provide everything from portable stages, outdoor mobile stages, mobile truck stages, rotating stages and heavy duty stages for car shows and exhibits. Whatever type of stage you desire for your event, we can accommodate your needs. Do you want a circular, triangular stage? We can find that. Do you desire an acrylic/clear stage rental with LED lighting? Just let us know your idea, and we will use our resources to design it for you.


Stage Equipment

Stage Platforms

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