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Stage Lighting Rental NYC

November 24, 2014

Come to Interactive Vision Solutions for a high-class stage lighting rental NYC. Along with providing a versatile selection of stages and other event equipment, IVS carries an array of dynamic stage lighting solutions sure to brighten your event. We have the lights for any sized venue, from small, medium or large sized events. For over ten years we have served indoor and outdoor events for companies such as Disney, American Eagle, and Godiva.

The IVS difference

We provide the greater New York City area with comprehensive stage lighting rental NYC service. From high quality conventional lighting for corporate events to fog and haze machines that add an adventurous flair, our Manhattan offices are stocked with revolutionary lighting solutions. Our interactive follow spot technology can follow any subject across the stage, ensuring all eyes remain on them.



All of our lights are industry standard brands with a track record of providing brilliant light in all conditions, in any sized event.
Our approach to personalized customer service is typified by our dedicated onsite maintenance. Along with full assembly and disassembly, our trained engineers oversee your entire event, ensuring our lighting systems maintain optimal quality.

Technological Stage Lighting Rental NYC service

IVS further differs from the competition with our technological independence. Whereas other agencies subrent their equipment, our Manhattan offices are stocked with a bevy of audio/visual solutions. The benefits of such an approach are two-fold for our clients. We perform consistent diagnostics on our material to ensure quality, and can offer more affordable rates than the competition because of this.
Come visit IVS today for a free consultation on which stage lighting rental NYC service is best for you. After we decide the appropriate lighting for your event stage, we will consider the size of the venue, and whether your event is inside or outside.

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