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Spotlight Rental NYC

December 16, 2014

Are you looking for a spotlight rental NYC at a rate you can afford? We at Interactive Vision Solutions (IVS) have more than 10 years of NYC area providing event equipment rentals. From a small indoor parties requiring a few uplighting sets to a 5,000 people outdoor event requiring battery-powered speakers, big skytracker, special searchlights, sign lights, projectors and PA systems for promotional, advertising needs, concerts and grand openings, we have what it takes to make your event a winner.

If we could satisfy Disney and American Eagle, we are certain that we have everything you need. We understand the pressure of event management, that’s why we offer you delivery services serving directly to the site of your event. If you prefer, you can also pick up some of your supplies from our Manhattan offices.

Why You Should Consider a Spotlight Rental NYC From IVS

Spotlights and searchlights are appropriately named for their ability to highlight a single point on a stage or in a room. Spotlights give you the ability to focus the attention of the guests and can help enhance the message of the presentation. A spotlight rental can come in handy for lighting up the stairs of a temporary stage and for illuminating the speakers, performers, etc.

IVS Followspot and Searchlight rental NYC

If you you need a 1000-watt followspot and searchlight rental with a wide beam to wow your audience, IVS has what you need at pricing that fits your budget. Followspot lights are a unique edition to any event. Typically seen on Broadway, these lighting technician-operated lights are capable of moving and following whatever subject you desire. If you want to highlight the guest of honor, consider our followspot rentals.

Why We Are One of the Best Event Supply Companies Around

We serve the entire NYC area, including Long Island, New York City and Upstate New York. We also have clients in Connecticut and New Jersey. With an influence this large, you can be certain that we offer some of the highest quality equipment on the market.

We’re proud to say that we own most of our equipment. Unlike many of our competitors, who sub-rent, we are able to ensure quality before the equipment reaches you by owning our equipment. Our on-site technicians will assemble the equipment, maintain it during the event and break it all down when the event has ended. Whether you need a spotlight rental NYC, a temporary stage, mirror balls or wireless lavalier microphones, we have what it takes to make your corporate event shine at rates you can appreciate.

A spotlight rental can add that final touch to an event by illuminating a single point in a room. For corporate events requiring high-quality Spotlight Rental NYC service, come to Interactive Vision Solutions.

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