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Riser Rental NYC

November 25, 2014
Through Interactive Video Solutions, you can find affordable riser rental NYC services for your next event. Whether you’re planning a small event with 50 attendees or a larger event with 5,000+, you can trust our service to provide you with all of your equipment needs. We have served the New York metropolitan area for more than a decade. In indoor to outdoor events of all sizes, we have served corporate clients like the New York Giants, Godiva and Disney. Let us help you today!


We want to provide our clients across the New York City area with a memorable experience, and we strive to accomplish this goal by serving your needs through the duration of the rental process. During the initial consultation, we will help you select the best risers to use for your event. After an in-office diagnostic, our experienced engineers will assemble the risers before the event and remove them after. Throughout your event we can be onhand for technical assistance. We want to help you create the ideal event by assisting you every step of the way.

Why a riser rental?

Risers can be used to elevate performers or speakers so the audience can easily view them. This is commonly used with choir or other type of musical performances, but it also may be used with awards ceremonies, a charitable organization’s special events and more. With IVS’ versatile collection of risers, you can furnish your event with a size based on your needs. You may need to use the riser to accommodate a dozen people, several dozen people or more. No matter the size, we have the quality products available to meet your needs at a fair price.

Not just riser rental NYC service

Along with risers, we have a comprehensive supply of audio/visual services to fully bring your event to life. Along with your riser, you may need a sound system so you can be heard from the riser. You may need our followspot lighting to be seen. You may desire to have your entire event captured with broadcast quality video cameras. No matter what technology you need, we can provide it. If you need riser rental NYC or any other event essentials, contact us for a consultation today.

Fill out the form with event details and we'll contact you with the best offer!

    Fill out the form with event details and we'll contact you with the best offer!

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