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Projector & Screen Rental in New York

May 12, 2014

IVS presents projector rental in New York City, and projector screen rentals and installation in NYC. Our wide variety of projectors and projector screens in NYC will fit into your imagination, and our audio visual equipment rental company in New York City will be able to provide you with a projector rental in New York and projector screen rentals in NYC meeting your needs.

Projection Screens

Projector Rental NYC

Projector & Screen Combo


Most LCD projectors display both computer and video images and have amplified stereo speakers so that your presentation can be truly multimedia. Whether you are presenting to students, clients or co-workers, deliver your message with a high resolution video movie projector from IVS in Manhattan, NYC! We provide the very best in data, video, movie projector rental and projector screen rentals for delivery or pick up in New York City, NYC.


Projector and tripod projection screen rental for small meeting and presentation in New York City.

Perfect for pharmaceutical meetings or any small corporate or social events 20 to 60 people.

This is a basic package with 2600-3500 Lumens projector and your choice of the tripod screen, you can choose from 4x5ft to 8x8ft Tripod projection screen depends on a size of your event venue. This projectors can work fine with normal lighting at the meeting. Projector simple connects with VGA, RCA or HDMI cord to Laptop or DVD player (if you are using Mac laptop you will need an adapter unless your laptop have HDMI port. If your presentation involved sound you will also need a sound system

LCD Data and Video Projectors Rentals NYC

We offer LCD and DLP video, movie and computer data projector rental NYC, Manhattan capable of VGA, SVGA, XGA and SXGA resolutions. IVS specializes in presentation technology and LCD projectors are some of the most powerful educational and corporate presentation tools available.

Projectors for Rent NYC, Manhattan, New York City

IVS carries many makes, models, and different lumen intensities of projectors. From portable 2,000 Lumens perfect for classrooms, board rooms and dinner meetings, up to 20,000 Lumen for large movie or multimedia presentations in ballrooms, theaters and special events. Projectors are enormously popular. The versatility and portability of these units for giving PowerPoint presentations to groups, as well as projecting video or movie onto a movie projection screen. Simply hook up your laptop or DVD player and away you go. To get the best results, though, you need to take in several environmental conditions to make sure that image you want to project is right your audience.

Brightness as Defined by Lumens

The brightness of the is defined as a unit of Lumens - a measure of light as it falls on a one square foot area. The higher the lumens; the brighter the image will be. The higher the lumens, the bigger the bulb, the heaver the projector, and the hotter it runs. Ambient Light, Surface, and Size of Image: A very important consideration in renting will be the external factors.

Ambient light on the projection screen or surface will affect how the image is viewed. If you are giving a PowerPoint presentation to a group in darkened restaurant at night, a 2000 lumen projector is more than adequate. However, if the presentation is in a hotel ballroom with the overhead lights on for an audience of 200 or more, a higher lumens unit will be needed. The larger the image, the more brightness you need to cast. Your ACAV professional can help you decide which is best for you.

Make Sure You Have the Right Cords

A 15-pin VGA cable is required when connecting a laptop computer, however when connecting to a Mac laptop a special Mac adapter is needed, so be sure to let your representative know. For using a video source such as a DVD/VCR Combo or a cable television converter, a video or S-video cable is needed. ACAV provides the necessary cables as well as a protective case.

Tripod projection screen rental NYC Movie projection screen rental NYC Fast fold, front & rear projection screen rental NYC HD Movie projector rental NYC
LCD meeting projector rental NYC Large venue Video Movie projectors rental NYC

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