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Podium rental NYC

September 3, 2014

A podium rental NYC can give a guest speaker the prominence that he or she needs. Guests tend to pay close attention to a person who is standing behind a high-quality pulpit.

Podium Rental NYC

Many occasions require a podium rental. A school may need one so that it can conduct its graduation ceremony. A group of executives may want to order one so that it can have a presentation or award ceremony. Many creative reasons exist as to why a client may want to contact IVS and request a quote for pulpit rental.


Suitable for all events

We also provide complete delivery, setup, and breakdown of all equipment, like  audio, video,  party equipment and stage lighting, as well. And, if you require on-site professional audio video technicians for your event, we can provide them for onsite maintenance and tech support. All of our equipment is suitable for a number of events like concerts, festivals, parades, school security, road construction, retail events, and sporting events.

Black Podium Rental                               Features and Benefits

Ideal for:

 - trade show presenters;

 - festivals;

 - presentation;

 - ceremony;

 - speaking engagement;

 - press conference.

Wooden Podium with Microphone                               Features and Benefits

  - build-in speakers;

 - build-in microphone

  - outputs: line out 1 - extension speaker;

 - fuse Internally Mounted, 2A;

 - power supply 117 Volt AC, 12 V DC;

 - recharger Internally mounted, w/LED indicator;

 - dimensions: 46"H x 22"W x 17"D;

 - inside Shelf: 20.5"W x 6"D.

Clear Podium for rent                               Features and Benefits

This podium may be entirely clear and translucent or opaque and colored.

Ideal for:

 - trade show presenters;

 - festivals;

 - presentation;

 - speaking engagement;

 - press conference.

Who We Are

Interactive Vision Solutions is an audiovisual rental company provides affordable and comprehensive audiovisual equipment rental, installation and repair for the entire New York and New Jersey area. Our equipment has been used as an essential part of numerous important events, ranging from birthday parties of 50-200 people to massive events like those for American Eagle, Disney, Godiva and "Saturday Night Live".

Other Items of Interest

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