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Lighting Truss Rental

December 9, 2014

At any event, it is absolutely crucial that the audience's attention be focused upon the speaker on the stage. This is where lighting truss becomes of utmost importance, and many presentations sadly fall short simply because the audience can not see the stage properly.

Lighting Truss Rental

A lighting truss ultimately solves this problem by illuminating key points of the stage, directing and holding the viewers' attention there. While some companies may neglect to include equipment as simple as this, we highly recommend it as a vital component of the stage.

So what is a lighting truss? It is essentially a metal beam suspended above and across the stage, either from portable stands or suspended with wire riggings. Various lighting devices may be fastened to it and positioned to illuminate key points of the stage. They are usually made of either aluminum or steel, depending on the weight load required.

Types of lighting truss

  • Box truss
  • Triangle truss
  • Circular truss
  • Truss & Stand covers

Lighting truss may come in various shapes and sizes, depending on the specific needs of different venues. They can be rectangular in shape, triangular or circular. Covers may also be provided to blend the truss into the stage background, thus making it almost completely unnoticeable.

Suitable for all events

The greatest advantage of working with Interactive Vision Solutions is the variety of equipment that we provide apart from lighting trusses. We can supply full stages, sound systems, lighting systems, microphones, speakers and much more. We even can provide stage furniture, podiums and disco balls. In fact, we can supply equipment for virtually any sized venue, and no event is too large or too small.

 Other Items of Interest

  • Stage
  • Sound
  • Step and repeat

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IVS is a New York City-based company, and we have been providing comprehensive audio/visual equipment to various firms in the NYC area for more than ten years. We are highly experienced and have worked with clients such as Disney, ABC, CBS and American Eagle. We are open seven days of the week, and our phone lines are open late into the evenings to accommodate events at any hour.

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