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Laser light rental NYC

December 9, 2014

If you are seeking brilliant rays to take your event to the next level, seek a laser light rental NYC from Interactive Video Solutions. Interactive Video Solutions has been in the event planning business for over 10 years. We offer many different event-planning solutions, including dynamic audio, video, and extensive furniture. We provide services for both indoor and outdoor events and are fully equipped to handle all venue types. Disney, GameStop and the New York Giants are just two of the big names we’ve worked with in the past. We’re dedicated to providing a one-stop shot to the greater New York metropolitan area.

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The excitement of Laser Light rental NYC

Laser lights are capable of presenting the most exciting light displays available, with streaks of intensely colored lights emitting from the light source. Laser light rental are often combined with fog effects for a spectacular performance. This type of lighting is ideal when you want a focused beam of light without the diffusion of strobes or certain LED lights. The highly visible beam of a laser light is the perfect accompaniment to musical performances and as a lead-up to a presentation.

Full onsite technical assistance

As New York City event planners of a decade, we fully understand the hectic nature of planning an event. We offer professional installation and onsite maintenance services to our clients for all laser light rental equipment. If it’s more convenient for you, you can also stop by our offices and pick the equipment up. We are your comprehensive service when it comes to lighting solutions and more.

We offer our services to the residents of the Greater New York area, including New York City and Long Island. We can also provide equipment rentals to Connecticut and New Jersey. Unlike many rental agencies, we own most of our equipment. Thus, we can ensure the quality of our products before sending them out to you. Whatever you need – a laser light rental, a followspot, a shotgun mike or simple computer monitor, we have all it takes to make your event a success.

Fill out the form with event details and we'll contact you with the best offer!

    Fill out the form with event details and we'll contact you with the best offer!

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