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Film equipment rental NYC

December 11, 2014

Interactive Vision Solutions has competitive rates for the person or corporation that wants film equipment rental NYC service. We have a fleet of dynamic, crystal clear broadcast cameras for rental. From industry leading brands such as Panasonic, our film equipment rental NYC service will help you chronicle your event and make it a lasting memory.

Our experienced engineers are immediately available to deliver your film camera rentals to you, or you can come to our offices and retrieve them. If we bring them to you, we provide full assembly and onsite technical assistance. Our personalized service is what has made us one of the best audio/visual rentals services in the entire Greater New York area.

From HD to standard options, our high-resolution cameras will provide a sparkling perspective of your event. We have film rental equipment for events of all sizes. From smaller, personal occasions to corporate events for American Eagle and Godiva, we have a versatile array of video cameras available. We have standard HD options as well as 86x field lenses for outdoor events.

Film equipment rental NYC Features

-Our cameras have technology that overcomes the inexperienced cameraman. Even if your cameraman is shaky, or unable to provide an optimal angle, our film equipment rental are perceptive enough to still provide a relatively stable image.
-Thanks to our long-range lenses, you may realize something years later in the back of your wedding reception that amuses or engages you. If you’re filming a conference, you can film the entire room to show the magnitude of your turnout.
-Our film equipment rental NYC service has multiple film camera consumption levels, so if your event runs long, you can run a low battery mode and continue filming.

Choose IVS for you rentals needs

All of our film equipment rental NYC service comes with a guarantee of optimal performance. We have numerous cameras for rent in our Manhattan office, and perform frequent diagnostics to make sure they run correctly. We have all needed accessories: lighting, sound control and audio gear, monitors and mount tv, grip, screens, filmtools, cases, stands, clamps, pouches and cinema supplies. Call today if you want to rent a camera in NYC and create a broadcast quality recording!

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