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DJ speaker rental

November 25, 2014
Come to Interactive Video solutions for a high quality DJ speaker rental NYC. We are an event planning service with over 10 years of experience serving the greater New York area. We provide everything you need to put on a successful event and party, both indoors and outdoors. We have provided top companies such as Godiva, American Eagle and Disney with a myriad of A/V equipment for rent. No matter the size of your occasion, we provide comprehensive audio and video systems.

Our clients look to us for DJ speaker rental because we offer more than the equipment itself. We offer onsite technical assistance, providing full assembly and maintenance for the duration of your DJ set. We are focused on helping our clients in every manner possible. We perform consistent diagnostics on all of our speakers so they will provide the crisp, clear sound you need upon operation.

What Separates Us From the other NYC Competition?

We have a versatile collection of DJ speaker systems for rental in New York City. We provide industry standard JBL, QSC and Bose sound system arrays. Whether you’re performing in a small venue or you need to entertain 5,000+ people, our Manhattan offices are stocked with a set that will provide the specific range you need. DJ speaker packages are available!

Why Should We Be Your DJ speaker Rental NYC Company?

We are the company New York turns to when they need audio or video equipment for rental. We’re able to provide high quality equipment at affordable rates because we don’t subrent our equipment like other agencies. We can ensure all of our audio/video apparatus maintains excellent standard because our speakers come directly from us. Agencies that rent from other agencies cannot offer the same assurances. A DJ speaker rental NYC from Interactive Video solutions will ensure you provide an engaging, energetic experience to your guests.

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