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LED Dance Floor Rental NYC

December 11, 2014

Want to hold the dazzling event of a lifetime? Interactive Vision Solutions is a respected New York City company that can take care of all of your audio visual equipment rental needs, LED dance floors included.

LED Dance Floor Rental NYC Service

If you're interested in quality light up dance floor rental, there's no better company around than Interactive Vision Solutions. Our LED dance floor rental options are absolutely out of this world. Not only can out dance floor rentals add atmosphere and excitement to your event, but they can also provide safety. Our rental floors are all highly dependable and sturdy. Our customers can choose between a wide selection of attractive and diverse colors in light up dance floor rental options, as well.

LED dance floor rental NYC

Suitable for all events

At Interactive Vision Solutions, high-quality AV rental equipment is always the top priority. Not only do we offer LED dance floor rental options, but we also offer stages, video equipment, projectors, speakers and party lights galore. The members of our staff are all highly experienced and well-versed in audio visual rental equipment. If you have any questions about our rental floors or anything else, ask us and we'll be more than happy to provide you with all the info you need.

LED dance floor for rent                   Features and Benefits

LED dance floor rental NYC

LED dance floor rental NYC

 - IVS can build almost any floor size;

 - provide full setup, pick and delivery;

 Perfect for:

 - hotels;

 - corporate events and private parties;

 - fashion show and gala;

 - wedding;

 - birthday parties, anniversary parties;

 - themed parties like 70's parties, 80's parties

Who We Are

For over a decade, Interactive Visual Solutions has been the premiere AV rentals company in the NYC area. We provide all audio and video equipment rentals including speakers, DJ equipment, microphones, projectors, TV systems and more. We even offer lighting rentals. Our equipment has been used as an essential part of numerous important events, ranging from of 50-200 people to massive events like those for American Eagle, Disney, and "".

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Contact Us Today!

If you're planning a runway fashion show, birthday celebration, corporate event, gala, anniversary celebration or wedding reception, contact our company about our top-notch LED dance floor rental options now. Simply submit our form and provide us with information about your upcoming event, and we'll get back to you with an offer.

Fill out the form with event details and we'll contact you with the best offer!

    Fill out the form with event details and we'll contact you with the best offer!

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