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Concert stage rental

December 9, 2014

When you are making plans to host an event, you may be wondering who to contact for concert stage rental NYC. There are factors to consider such as venue size, or whether you want an indoor or outdoor event as a fashion show, street fair, or even roof or pool party. Luckily, Interactive Vision Solutions provides comprehensive options no matter what kind of stage you need with all equipment such as lighting, led, audio and video, truss, runways, towers, platforms, show systems, safety covers, desks, seating and other accessories. In our decade of experience, we have assisted clients like ABC, Disney and others with their equipment rental needs. With a decade of experience and a reputation for providing affordable rates and comprehensive event décor, we are the company to call for stage rental services in NY.

The Best Concert Stage Rental in NYC

There are numerous types of stages available for you to rent from Interactive Vision Solutions. We have large stages that are suitable for use with a big event. This may be a concert, but it can also be a large training seminar or even a performance. We also have dance floors, risers, runways, towers, podiums, truss, lighting and other staging options that may be more suitable for smaller or more unique events.

Dressing Up Your Stage

In most cases, it is not enough to simply rent a stage. The concert stage may need to be adorned with lighting truss, audio speakers, video systems, a microphone and other equipment to augment functionality. IVS provides corporate and private clients with affordable stages for rent, as well as event décor rentals that can be used to take your event to the next level. You may already know which types of lights, audio sound system and other staging features you need to pull off a great event, or you may be interested in receiving professional design assistance from our team at IVS concert stage rental NYC service. We can learn more about your event, and we can provide you with customized advice and support.

At IVS, we want your event to be the talk of the town, and we offer up-front support with your equipment rental needs. In addition, we will set up the equipment on the day of the event, and we support you throughout the event. We will even stay after for clean-up. When you want your event to be a success, reaching out to IVS for your concert stage rental NYC service is a smart idea.

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