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Concert Lighting Rental

December 9, 2014

If you need concert lighting rental NYC, or asion Solutions. We are able to provide the audio-visual equipment that you need for any and all events. We have served the NYC area for over 10 years. Our portfolio of service includes American Eagle, Disney and New York Giants. We are a well-respected rental service in New York, capable of providing any and all equipment you need.
While many of our competitors sub-rent their equipment, we own most of our equipment. Therefore, we can ensure its quality before we send it out to your important event. We are fully equipped to handle any and all events.

We Have All Concert Lighting Rental Equipment

We offer high-quality concert lighting rental equipment to help make your corporate event a success. No matter the details of your event, we have the tools that you need. Whether you need an AV gear,  audio systems, stage, follow-spot or LED lights, stages truss, battery-powered speakers or a plasma display screen, we have got you covered.

Uplighting Rentals


On-site Support

It’s no fun to be faced with a mountain of wires, cables, control panels, AV systems, audio and visual gear, lights and not know how to make sense out of them. That’s why our on-site technicians remain on stand-by throughout the event to assemble the equipment and operate it during your event. We can provide the best concert lighting rental NYC, no matter what type of event you are hosting, all at reasonable rate. You can either come pick up the concert lighting rental equipment yourself or we will send our technicians out to install the equipment for you.

Where We Operate

We provide service to New York City, as well as Upstate New York and Long Island. We have also provided services to clients in New Jersey and Connecticut. Whether your event is indoor or outdoor, large or small, we have the best concert lighting rental to make it memorable.

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