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Full HD 1920 x 1080 Resolution HD Projector Rental NYC, Manhattan

May 29, 2014

Barco CLM HD8 HD Projector Rental NYC

With 8,000 ANSI lumens, the Barco CLM HD8 Projector is the ideal solution for intensive-use applications in the brightest environments, such as training and briefing rooms, conference centers, auditoriums and museums.

Full 1080p HD resolution plus state of the art scaling technology ensures uncompromised performance regardless of image format. Its single-chip DLP technology and liquid-cooled, fully sealed optical engine prevents dust from entering the projector and clogging up the interior, so that your image quality does not become affected and the useful life of the projector is extended, reducing the total cost of ownership.

You hire our crew and Rent Barco HD Projector in NYC for Events where error is not an option like event at Marc Jacob Boutique

Another outstanding feature of the HD Projector Rental NYC is the picture-in-picture (PiP) functionality, which allows two sources to be displayed simultaneously on one screen, in any combination of data and video. Coupled with that is the new soft edge technology, which allows two or more projectors to have their images merged side-by-side, blending the border between two or three projected images, making them almost invisible.

Another neat feature to help all users, regardless of skill level is the one-touch auto alignment. It easily adjusts the position of the projector using just one button. The unit sports a quad-lamp system, which enables you to continue uninterrupted projection even when a lamp falters so you never have to worry about projection during viewings.

The sturdy all-metal chassis protects all parts in place even under the toughest conditions. Lastly, the CLM HD8 can handle a wide array of sources, including all currently supported video formats and broadcasting signals. Its RS232 and TCP/IP ports enable connection to a host of remote control devices as well.
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  • Very efficient lamp/light engine combination enables 8,000 lumen brightness not only when the projector is new but also after years of use
  • Sealed optics and high-density filters to keep the projector clean and true to specifications
  • No expensive optical parts need to be replaced regularly to maintain the brightness and image quality of the unit
  • Crisp, clear video and graphic images without loss of detail
  • Same state-of-the-art image processing technology as FLM series projectors
  • Full HD resolution (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) plus state of the art scaling technology ensures uncompromised performance regardless of image format
  • Sturdy all metal chassis that protects all projector components even under the toughest conditions
  • Compact size of the CLM will allow it to fit applications where previously, lower brightness projectors were the only choice
  • Price-point which makes the unit attractive to markets and applications that previously had to settle for lower capacity products
  • An optional frame with carrying handles makes rigging on trusses easy
Motorized zoom lens
  • CLD (1,2-1,6:1)
  • CLD (1,6-2,4:1)
  • CLD (1.2-1.5:1)
  • CLD (1.5-2.2:1)
  • CLD (2,4-4,3:1)
  • CLD (2.2-4.4:1)
  • CLD (4.4-7.0:1)
Fixed focal length lens
  • QCLD (0,85:1)
High quality zoom lens
  • QCLD (1.1-1.3:1)


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