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iPad rental NYC

September 3, 2014

Interactive Visual Solutions offers Ipad rental for your presentation, event, or social gathering at affordable prices. Syncing Ipads and sharing information, pictures, business data, and other information is easy, and makes any type of outing more productive, fun, and memorable.

IPad rental NYC

iPad rental NYC

Choose from our selection including the Ipad 2,3,4, and Ipad Air. Rent Ipad, it’s a great way to put that finishing touch or over-the-top feel to any event or meeting, or spice up a gathering of family and friends.

IPad rental NYC

 Apple iPad Air (WiFi + 16GB) | Apple A7 chip with 64-bit Architecture and M7 Motion Co-processor

 IPad rental NYC

Apple iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi + 16GB) | Apple A7 Dual-Core CPU with M7 Chip

 IPad rental NYC

Apple iPad 4 (WiFi + 16GB) | Apple A6X Dual-Core Processor


Suitable For All Events

Syncing up Ipads to communicate and share information is a useful tool at business meetings and presentations, engaging fellow employees and increasing productivity. Drop one on every table at a wedding and see how many great pictures and conversations your guests share. Add them to our packages of projection screens, sound systems, lighting and more to provide participants with a most unique and exciting event that will get people talking about your presentation or product. Modeling events, holiday presentations, business meetings, DJ parties- rent Ipad to really put your stamp on a memorable event.

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At IVS, we rent equipment, provide complete presentation services, record the event, or any step in between, based on what works for you. We offer every level of technical advice and planning, staging, lighting, AV, Ipad rental, draping, and other presentation tools. Simply choose from our variety of audio visual equipment/ presentation services and rent, or choose from several levels of delivery, setup, and operation.

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