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Projector and Screen rental

Projector and screen for rent nyc Interactive Vision Solutions provides high quality video projector and screen rental NYC service at competitive rates. Our company has served New York and northern New Jersey for over ten years.
Our dedication to quality is exemplified by providing high definition video projectors rentals as bright as 40,000 lumens Our brilliant, high performance fleet of projectors has illuminated events for the likes of Disney, Dior, American Eagle and ABC.
Our clients are consistently satisfied with their Projector and Screen rentals, including our 1920 x 1080 projector with PiP functionality. Offering sealed optics and high-density filters, our projectors display crisp visuals in intensive-use environments. Contact us today for a video Projector and Screen rental NYC service.

IVS presents Projector and Screen rentals in New York, and projector screen installation in NYC. Our wide variety of projectors and projection screens in NYC will fit into your imagination, and our audio visual equipment rental company in New York City will be able to provide you with a Projector and Screen rental in New York and projection screen rentals in NYC meeting your needs. IVS provides the very best in data/video projector and screen rentals for delivery or pick up in New York City, NYC.

Projector and Screen rental NYC packages

Starter package: These lightweight, portable projectors great to use for medium groups when giving PowerPoint and video presentations
Medium package: High Definition projectors feature a resolution of 1920×1080 and all bring with it Full High Definition 1080p meaning they will look amazing when compared to a standard 800×600 SVGA projector.
Advanced package: 10,000 L projectors rental NYC. Ultra-high brightness of up to 10000 lumens makes sure that anyone can see your presentation in Manhattan

About IVS

Our 3D ready projectors encompass a myriad of functions. From picture in picture technology to wireless control, our wide variety of options provides a dynamic, user-friendly experience. Contact us today for more information on our many projectors for rent.

Our video Projector and Screen rental NYC service is the best in New York City because of the quality and versatility of our supply. Interactive Video Solutions offers all sizes of projectors, tripods for large projection systems as well as sound systems and all maintaining crisp visual quality from 3-chip DLP technology.

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